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Name Age Date of Birth Cemetery Date of Death Hebrew Name
Hinde Abrahams 40 Need Craigton 12-Mar-1893 Need
Jeannie Abrahams 23 Need Sandymount 19-Nov-1918 Need
Golda Adler 7 Need Sandymount 24-Feb-1914 Need
Isaac Adler 16 Need Sandymount 19-Jan-1919 Need
Hyman Aiken 17 Need Sandymount 20-Jun-1936 Need
Need Alexander Need Need Craigton Need Need
Need Alexander Need Need Piershill Need Need
Rebecca Alexander 74 Need Piershill 30-Jan-1935 Need
Lily Alexander 73 Need Piershill 23-Jan-1968 Need
Samuel Alexander 60 Need Sandymount 04-Sep-1925 Need
Lilie Alexander 35 Need Sandymount 28-Jan-1922 Need
Adolph Alexander 58 Need Sandymount 16-Feb-1931 Need
Eva Aronson 91 Need Piershill 23-Jan-1986 Need
Abraham Balkin 63 Need Sandymount 13-Apr-1932 Need
Need Barnett Need Need Craigton Need Need
Lazar (Lazarus) Barnett 86 Need Craigton 18-Nov-1892 Need
Abraham Barnett 27 Need Piershill 08-Jul-1904 Need
Abraham Barnett 34 Need Sciennes Need Need
Sidney Benjamin 14 Need Sandymount 22-Jan-1913 Need
Mary Benjamin 62 Need Sandymount 28-Nov-1932 Need
Mary Bennett 22 Need Piershill 04-Aug-1918 Need
Lewis Jacob Berg 66 Need Sandymount 02-Jul-1934 Need
Maurice Berger 63 Need Sandymount 03-Oct-1914 Need
Samuel Berger 45 Need Sandymount 07-Jun-1921 Need
Lewis Peter Bernard 92 05-Sep-1923 Inverness 29-Nov-2015 Need
Rachel Bernard 65 Need Sandymount 19-Apr-1921 Need
Max Bernstein 53 Need Sandymount 19-May-1925 Need
Max Bernstein Need Need Sandymount 03-Apr-1924 Need
Martha Bernstein 60 Need Sandymount 23-Nov-1934 Need
Rebecca Black 38 Need Sandymount 10-Sep-1917 Need
Sophie Black 33 Need Sandymount 02-Jan-1924 Need
Rachel Black 5 Need Sandymount 06-Aug-1915 Need
Kate Blint 9 Need Sandymount 29-Apr-1909 Need
Joseph Blint 17 Need Sandymount 27-Jul-1930 Need
Ete Rohel Bloch 7 Need Piershill 28-Oct-1911 Need
Abe Bloch Need Need Sandymount 20-Aug-1928 Need
Need Boston Need Need Gorbals Need Need
John Braverman 8 Need Piershill 07-Dec-1900 Need
Shenah Annie Brown 21 Need Newington 09-Oct-1908 Need
Sidney Brown 58 Need Piershill 16-Dec-1963 Need
Peter Brown 77 11-Mar-1898 Piershill 14-Oct-1975 Need
Harry Burns 70 Need Sandymount 27-May-1919 Need
Barnet Cantor 41 Need Sandymount 04-Apr-1919 Need
Shephtil Caplan 62 Need Craigton 02-Mar-1891 Need
Mary Caplan 78 Need Piershill 27-Apr-1962 Need
Harry/Harris Caplan 21 Need Sandymount 26-Feb-1922 Need
Annie Caplan 6 Need Sandymount 27-Dec-1910 Need
Annabella Caplan 22 m Need Sandymount 05-Mar-1916 Need
Aby Woolf Caplan 13 m Need Sandymount 08-Feb-1922 Need
Annie Carr 19 m Need Piershill 21-Jul-1907 Need
Benjamin Cohen 52 Need Craigton 02-Nov-1893 Need
Need Cohen Need Need Gorbals Need Need
Need Cohen Need Need Gorbals Need Need
Rose Cohen 2 Need Piershill 31-Mar-1899 Need
Philip Cohen 36 Need Piershill 16-Jul-1895 Need
Alberta Sophia Cohen 8 Need Piershill 21-May-1926 Need
Philly Cohen 25 Need Piershill 22-Jun-1903 Need
Max Cohen 66 Need Piershill 10-Nov-1967 Need
Alfred Cohen 52 Need Piershill 07-Feb-1975 Need
Rose Cohen 90 Need Piershill 20-Feb-1975 Need
Esther Cohen 83 Need Piershill 01-Jun-1983 Need
Howard Cohen 67 09-Apr-1948 Piershill 10-Jan-2016 Need
Sarah Cohen 65 Need Sandymount 01-Aug-1909 Need
Bessie Cohen 61 Need Sandymount 13-Oct-1912 Need
Minnie Cohen 64 Need Sandymount 28-May-1913 Need
Benjamin Cohen 50 Need Sandymount 07-Apr-1915 Need
Mary Cohen 72 Need Sandymount 25-Nov-1915 Need
Max Cohen 24 Need Sandymount 26-Sep-1918 Need
Sylvia Dora Cohen 24 Need Sandymount 27-May-1920 Need
Harris Cohen 95 Need Sandymount 23-Mar-1921 Need
Samuel Cohen 42 Need Sandymount 21-Jan-1926 Need
Polly Cohen 33 m Need Sandymount 01-Nov-1909 Need
Myer Cohen 5 Need Sandymount 06-Feb-1910 Need
Samuel Cohen 20 m Need Sandymount 27-Jan-1915 Need
Harold Cohen 3 Need Sandymount 12-Jun-1916 Need
Celia Cohen 25 Need Sandymount 24-Jun-1917 Need
Fanny Cohen 51 Need Sandymount 20-Mar-1927 Need
Annie Cohen 66 Need Sandymount 12-Aug-1927 Need
Leible Cohen 60 Need Sandymount 06-Sep-1932 Need
Elizabeth Cohen 58 Need Sandymount 27-Aug-1932 Need
Morris Cohen 43 Need Sandymount 05-May-1933 Need
Sarah Cohen 37 Need Sandymount 09-Aug-1933 Need
Jeanie Cohen 16 Need Sandymount 18-Jun-1909 Need
Manuel Cohen 18 Need Sandymount 10-Jul-1919 Need
Benjamin Copeland 70 Need Sandymount 11-Aug-1933 Need
Fanny Cowan 79 Need Piershill 09-Jun-1966 Need
Pauline Cowan 68 Need Piershill 29-Oct-1962 Need
Max J Cowan 80 Need Piershill 29-Jan-1963 Need
Barnett Cowan 87 Need Piershill 04-Oct-1973 Need
Maurice Cowan 57 Need Piershill 30-Dec-1975 Need
Beatrice Cowan 70 Need Piershill 09-Jan-1976 Need
Maurice Cowan 85 Need Piershill 14-Mar-1988 Need
Lazarus Cutler 10 Need Sandymount 06-Nov-1914 Need
Jonah Davidson 57 Need Newington 26-Mar-1892 Need
Freda Davidson 3 Need Piershill 10-Nov-1910 Need
Need Davis Need Need Gorbals Need Need
Bertha Davis 35 Need Sandymount 25-Nov-1913 Need
Joseph Davis 60 Need Sandymount 02-Apr-1909 Need
Need Easterman Need Need Gorbals Need Need
Joseph Edwards 46 Need Sandymount 19-Jun-1945 Need
Myer Elkind 33 m Need Sandymount 04-Sep-1911 Need
Child Feldman Need Need Dundee 15-Feb-1931 Need
Rebecca Feldman 36 Need Sandymount 08-Apr-1913 Need
Bernard Feldman 16 m Need Sandymount 12-May-1911 Need
Nathan Feldman 30 m Need Sandymount 12-Nov-1917 Need
Janet Feldman 15 m Need Sandymount 02-Dec-1921 Need
Wolfe Feldman 6 Need Sandymount 21-Jan-1929 Need
Need Finkelstein Need Need Chevra Need Need
Jacob Finkelstein 3 Need Piershill 04-Oct-1915 Need
Need Fisher Need Need Craigton Need Need
Need Fisher Need Need Craigton Need Need
Sarah Fisher 21 m Need Sandymount 22-Oct-1931 Need
Annie F Fox 77 Need Piershill 26-Jan-1954 Need
Miriam Franklin 39 Need Sciennes Need Need
Sarah Freedman Need Need Gorbals Need Need
Child Freedman 6 Need Piershill 26-Jul-1897 Need
Joseph Freedman 68 Need Piershill 02-Jan-1946 Need
Barnett Freedman 69 Need Piershill 07-May-1947 Need
Victor Freedman 66 Need Piershill 09-May-1959 Need
Bessie Freedman 54 Need Piershill 04-Oct-1940 Need
Amelia Freedman 54 Need Piershill 24-Feb-1966 Need
Israel Freedman 58 Need Piershill 08-Mar-1971 Need
Samuel Freedman 62 Need Piershill 15-Apr-1969 Need
Rachel Freedman 93 Need Piershill 09-Jun-1989 Need
Lionel David Freedman 82 22-Apr-1934 Piershill 09-Jan-2017 Need
Esther Freedman 53 Need Sandymount 07-Nov-1909 Need
Moses Freedman 19 Need Sandymount 23-Nov-1910 Need
Rebecca Freedman 75 Need Sandymount 20-Apr-1920 Need
Gertie Freedman 40 Need Sandymount 27-May-1929 Need
Julius Freedman 72 Need Sandymount 14-Aug-1933 Need
David Freeman 17 Need Sandymount 22-Nov-1912 Need
Fanny Freeman 19 m Need Sandymount 21-Dec-1913 Need
Nellie Freeman 21 m Need Sandymount 17-Feb-1924 Need
Harris Friedlander 30 Need Sandymount 30-Jun-1921 Need
Lottie Friedlander 25 Need Sandymount 04-May-1919 Need
Ruth Gaya 88 08-Jun-1918 Cathcart 09-Jun-2006 Need
Morris Gerber 8 Need Piershill 04-Nov-1903 Need
Wilfred Getlin 68 Need Sandymount 28-Jan-1922 Need
Maisie Gillis Nee Levine 87 20-Dec-1903 Cathcart 21-Apr-1991 Need
Need Glass Need Need Gorbals Need Need
Simon Glass 3 Need Piershill 30-Oct-1925 Need
Rebecca Glass 52 Need Sandymount 16-Jun-1935 Need
Nathan Gold 62 Need Piershill 17-May-1935 Need
Max Gold 47 Need Piershill 20-Nov-1934 Need
Rose Gold 75 Need Piershill 20-Jan-1991 Need
Samuel Gold 49 Need Piershill 26-May-1971 Need
Flora Gold 50 Need Sandymount 09-Jul-1924 Need
Itzel Gold 30 m Need Sandymount 29-Jun-1915 Need
Need Goldberg Need Need Craigton Need Need
Need Goldberg Need Need Chevra Need Need
Isaac Goldberg 18 m Need Piershill 18-Oct-1895 Need
Benjamin Goldberg 30 Need Piershill 27-Jul-1902 Need
Esther Goldberg 16 m Need Piershill 11-Dec-1907 Need
Bessie Goldberg 86 Need Piershill 14-Jun-1980 Need
Archibald Goldberg 3 Need Sandymount 10-Jan-1909 Need
Myer Goldberg 5 Need Sandymount 05-Jan-1930 Need
Esther/Elizabeth Alice Goldberg 30 Need Sandymount 27-Feb-1920 Need
Esther Goldberg 55 Need Sandymount 06-Feb-1930 Need
Manuel Goldberg 25 Need Sandymount 29-Apr-1932 Need
Simon Goldman 35 Need Piershill 21-Jul-1936 Need
Edith Goldman 80 Need Piershill 01-Feb-1960 Need
Abraham Goldman 72 Need Piershill 26-Jul-1944 Need
Abraham Goldman 46 Need Sandymount 23-Jun-1912 Need
Fanny Goldstone 13 Need Sandymount 13-Oct-1908 Need
Bessie Golombok 68 Need Sandymount 18-Mar-1918 Need
Eva Goodman 51 Need Sandymount 29-Mar-1910 Need
Harris Goodman 1 Need Sandymount 20-Sep-1911 Need
Simon Goodman 23 Need Sandymount 24-Aug-1927 Need
Harris Goodman 57 Need Sandymount 31-Jan-1933 Need
Leah Gordon 4 Need Piershill 08-Feb-1904 Need
Annie F Gordon 29 m Need Piershill 20-Feb-1893 Need
Need Gordon Need Need Piershill Need Need
Janetta Gordon 54 Need Sandymount 27-Nov-1913 Need
Barnet Gordon 20 m Need Sandymount 13-Feb-1912 Need
David Gordon 15 m Need Sandymount 14-Feb-1916 Need
Maurice Gradman 89 Need Cathcart 05-Mar-2008 Need
Jane Green 38 Need Sandymount 24-Jul-1914 Need
Moses Green 20 m Need Sandymount 01-Jun-1915 Need
Frank Green 4 Need Sandymount 06-Feb-1932 Need
Charles Green 12 Need Sandymount 06-Jun-1928 Need
Myer Green 65 Need Sandymount 03-May-1929 Need
Manuel Greenberg 77 Need Chevra 13-Sep-1889 Need
Morris Greenberg< 26 Need Sandymount 20-Oct-1918 Need
Sidney Greenberg 2 Need Sandymount 30-Jun-1924 Need
Rosie Greenberg 59 Need Sandymount 11-Oct-1931 Need
Child Gross Need Need Dundee 06-Mar-1896 Need
Child Gross Need Need Dundee 15-Jun-1906 Need
Louis Grossman 41 Need Sandymount 19-Mar-1920 Need
Annie Haase 64 Need Sandymount 15-Mar-1933 Need
Need Harris Need Need Piershill Need Need
Simon Harris 46 Need Piershill 09-Mar-1917 Need
Katie Harris 19 m Need Piershill 05-May-1902 Need
Aaron Harris 3 Need Piershill 23-Aug-1908 Need
Leonard Harris 83 Need Piershill 20-Feb-1962 Need
Norman Harris 72 Need Piershill 11-Sep-1975 Need
Agnes Harris 45 Need Sandymount 28-Sep-1921 Need
Israel Harris 45 Need Sandymount 21-Apr-1911 Need
Rachel Harrison 23 Need Piershill 24-Sep-2005 Need
Barnet Harrison 64 Need Piershill 05-Oct-1939 Need
Phillip Harrison 88 Need Piershill 20-Dec-1974 Need
Etty Howard 103 23-Nov-1912 Piershill 10-May-2016 Need
Morris Hyman 18 m Need Piershill 14-Nov-1905 Need
Samuel Hyman 77 Need Sandymount 26-May-1912 Need
Need Isaacs Need Need Chevra Need Need
Joseph B Isaacs 75 Need Piershill 23-Apr-1940 Need
Kate Isaacs 74 Need Piershill 14-Jan-1977 Need
Esther Isaacs 17 Need Sandymount 19-Mar-1912 Need
Lilly Isaacs 25 Need Sandymount 02-Sep-1925 Need
Leo Isaacs 40 m Need Sandymount 02-Jun-1925 Need
Jack Isaacs 27 Need Sandymount 29-Apr-1928 Need
Harris Isaacs 75 Need Sandymount 06-Nov-1929 Need
Isaac Jackson 62 Need Piershill 07-Aug-1967 Need
Joseph Jackson 71 Need Sandymount 30-Oct-1920 Need
Jacob Jackson 14 m Need Sandymount 20-Oct-1912 Need
Minnie Jackson 14 m Need Sandymount 08-May-1929 Need
Alfred Jacobs 9 Need Sandymount 20-Feb-1923 Need
Amelia Jacobson 17 Need Sandymount 14-Jan-1909 Need
Samuel Joseph 14 m Need Piershill 21-Jun-1915 Need
Sarah Joseph 65 Need Sandymount 18-Oct-1921 Need
Julia Joseph Need Need Sandymount 14-Dec-1923 Need
Rachel Joseph 78 Need Sandymount 07-Mar-1932 Need
Sindrah Judah Need Need Cathcart 21-Feb-2017 Need
Abraham Kaplan 10 Need Piershill 28-Jan-1910 Need
Joseph Kaplan 13 m Need Sandymount 20-Oct-1908 Need
Sarah Kissen 53 Need Sandymount 05-Dec-1919 Need
Hyman Kitchner 69 Need Sandymount 28-Feb-1929 Need
Ralph Klar 66 Need Piershill 24-Jul-2001 Need
Phyllis Latter 81 18-Mar-1920 Cathcart 15-Sep-2001 Need
Kate Lazarus 15 m Need Craigton Need Need
Louis Lazarus 51 Need Sandymount 19-May-1912 Need
Robert Lazarus 29 Need Sandymount 25-Dec-1913 Need
Rebecca Lazarus 85 Need Sandymount 25-Sep-1920 Need
Rosie Lazarus 61 Need Sandymount 31-Dec-1922 Need
Ethel Leon 72 Need Sandymount 16-Mar-1933 Need
Effy Levenson 25 Need Piershill 15-Sep-1911 Need
Jane Levenson 30 m Need Sandymount 22-Mar-1923 Need
Need Levi Need Need Chevra Need Need
Annie L Levine 81 Need Piershill 13-Apr-1944 Need
Jessie Levine 69 20-Mar-1900 Piershill 30-Jan-1970 Need
Flora Levine 52 Need Sandymount 11-May-1914 Need
Fanny Levine 30 m Need Sandymount 26-Jan-1911 Need
Tina Levine 2 Need Sandymount 26-Apr-1921 Need
Diana Levine 32 Need Sandymount 07-Apr-1929 Need
John Levine 64 Need Sandymount 10-Dec-1926 Need
Moses Levine 81 Need Sandymount 11-Mar-1932 Need
Isaac Levinson 65 Need Piershill 19-Oct-1959 Need
Need Levinson Need Need Piershill Need Need
Edith Levinson 25 m Need Piershill 11-May-1908 Need
Thomas Levinson 57 Need Piershill 24-Aug-1915 Need
Ellis Levinson 74 Need Piershill 23-Jun-1971 Need
Myer Levy Need Need Cardonald 24-Apr-1964 Need
Isaac Levy 27 m Need Piershill 15-Nov-1892 Need
Mary Levy 90 Need Piershill 02-Jun-1899 Need
Simon Levy 60 Need Piershill 01-Apr-1938 Need
Bessie Levy 27 Need Sandymount 01-May-1923 Need
Morris Levy 60 Need Sandymount 10-Mar-1924 Need
Isaac Levy 74 Need Sandymount 07-Mar-1926 Need
Victor Levy 4 Need Sandymount 13-Sep-1931 Need
Noah Levy Need Need Sandymount 23-Mar-1934 Need
Clara Levy Need Need Sciennes Need Need
Need Levy 39 Need Sciennes Need Need
Hannah Levy 48 Need Sciennes Need Need
Hyman Lewis 16 m Need Piershill 13-Jul-1896 Need
Pearl Lewis 20 m Need Piershill 23-Aug-1892 Need
Rebecca Lewis 19 m Need Piershill 29-Jul-1890 Need
Gordon G Lewis 55 Need Piershill 21-Oct-1946 Need
Hettie Lewis 78 Need Piershill 08-Jul-1913 Need
Betsy Lewis 66 m Need Sandymount 14-Oct-1913 Need
Jacquelin Lewis 13 m Need Sandymount 04-Mar-1931 Need
Nathan Lewis 53 Need Sandymount 30-Jul-1934 Need
Sarah Livingstone 83 Need Piershill 29-Aug-1904 Need
Mary Livingstone 70 Need Piershill 02-May-1963 Need
Rita Livingstone 42 m Need Sandymount 26-May-1916 Need
Isaac Lurie 38 Need Craigton 08-Feb-1887 Need
Eva Lurie 45 Need Sandymount 30-Jun-1919 Need
Rebecca Lurie 75 Need Sandymount 21-Apr-1930 Need
Child Michaelson Need Need Dundee 28-Feb-1893 Need
Mary Michaelson 18 m Need Piershill 15-Jul-1898 Need
Bessie Miller 51 m Need Sandymount 17-Nov-1915 Need
Jeanie Miller 24 Need Sandymount 04-Dec-1928 Need
Annie Miller 82 Need Sandymount 19-May-1930 Need
Jacob Moses Morrison 43 Need Piershill 05-Feb-1915 Need
Sylvia Morrison 1 Need Sandymount 04-Aug-1924 Need
Sidney Naddell 88 Need Cardonald 10-Aug-2015 Need
Bella Naddell 18 m Need Sandymount 30-Mar-1917 Need
Sophia Nathan Need Need Newington Need Need
Mary Nathan 29 Need Sandymount 22-Feb-1912 Need
Elizabeth Nathan 33 Need Sandymount 28-Sep-1915 Need
Marsha Nathan 56 Need Sandymount 10-Dec-1932 Need
Benjamin Nathan 74 Need Sandymount 04-Apr-1933 Need
Marsha Nathan 56 Need Sandymount 10-Dec-1932 Need
Rose Newman 69 Need Piershill 16-May-2013 Need
Jeanie Newman 12 Need Sandymount 05-Oct-1909 Need
Harry Newman 64 m Need Sandymount 15-Apr-1915 Need
Simcha Ockrim 20 m Need Sandymount 17-Feb-1912 Need
Reuben Ockrim 20 m Need Sandymount 27-Feb-1916 Need
Rebecca Ockrim 26 Need Sandymount 09-Oct-1932 Need
Clarice Osborne 87 15-Sep-1929 Piershill 24-Aug-2017 Need
Leon Pearl 2 Need Sandymount 24-Sep-1916 Need
Bernard Pearl 2 Need Sandymount 03-Dec-1918 Need
Mayer Peshkin 45 Need Sandymount 17-Jan-1923 Need
Joseph Phillips 75 Need Craigton 13-Jan-1884 Need
Need Rabinowitz Need Need Craigton Need Need
Elizabeth Rabinowitz 38 Need Sandymount 14-Jul-1927 Need
Rosa Rachkind 73 Need Sandymount 17-Jul-1923 Need
Simon Rachkind 80 Need Sandymount 06-Nov-1925 Need
Amelia Robinson 66 Need Sandymount 30-Dec-1914 Need
Arnold Rose 1 Need Sandymount 26-Mar-1929 Need
Henry Rosefield 77 Need Piershill 19-Nov-1970 Need
Mary Rosenberg 23 m Need Piershill 30-May-1895 Need
Abraham Rosenberg 4 Need Piershill 25-Apr-1894 Need
Bella Rosenberg 10 m Need Piershill 30-Apr-1889 Need
Louis Rosenberg 10 m Need Piershill 22-Jul-1900 Need
Annie Rosenberg 14 Need Piershill 02-Jul-1903 Need
Jacob Rosenberg 36 Need Sandymount 10-Dec-1912 Need
Isaac Rosenberg 40 Need Sandymount 18-Jun-1924 Need
Solomon Marks Rosenberg 4 Need Sandymount 01-Aug-1917 Need
Sarah Rosenberg 14 m Need Sandymount 14-Nov-1917 Need
Fred Rosenberg 44 Need Sandymount 09-Jun-1936 Need
Sarah Rosenblatt 70 Need Sandymount 18-Mar-1914 Need
Harris Rosenbloom 18 m Need Sandymount 22-Apr-1909 Need
Fanny Rosenbloom 21 m Need Sandymount 25-Dec-1911 Need
Beatrice Rosenbloom 3 Need Sandymount 06-Jun-1924 Need
Samuel Rosenbloom Need Need Western 25-Dec-1938 Need
Benjamin Rosenheim 62 Need Piershill 08-Feb-1895 Need
Rachel Rosenheim 68 Need Piershill 14-May-1903 Need
Mark Ross 20 m Need Sandymount 23-May-1913 Need
Ernie Rubenstein 18 m Need Sandymount 31-Jan-1910 Need
Myer Rubenstein 52 Need Sandymount 25-May-1909 Need
Polly Rubinstein 52 Need Sandymount 09-Feb-1913 Need
Toni Sachs 74 Need Piershill 03-Mar-1970 Need
Arpaid Sachs 86 Need Piershill 20-Jul-1982 Need
Rosa Sachs 61 Need Sandymount 15-Nov-1926 Need
Winnie Samuel 73 Need Piershill 15-Aug-1973 Need
Dora Samuel 76 Need Piershill 14-Aug-1972 Need
Abraham Samuels 78 Need Piershill 06-Apr-1971 Need
Fanny Samuels 69 Need Sandymount 30-Mar-1919 Need
Samuel Samuels 20 m Need Sandymount 13-Mar-1919 Need
Max Samuels 1 Need Sandymount 26-Feb-1922 Need
Rachel Samuels 80 Need Sandymount 01-Jan-1926 Need
Eva Shapiro 1 Need Sandymount 16-Aug-1919 Need
Israel Shapiro 7 Need Sandymount 04-Jul-1923 Need
Archie Shulman 87 26-May-1906 Cathcart 07-Oct-1993 Need
Eva Shulman 18 m Need Piershill 01-Sep-1898 Need
Annie Shulman 40 m Need Piershill 11-Feb-1891 Need
Harriet Shulman 20 Need Sandymount 05-Aug-1915 Need
Bessie Shulman 82 Need Sandymount 04-Jan-1928 Need
Rebecca Silver 40 Need Sandymount 11-Jun-1915 Need
Jacob Silver 28 Need Sandymount 05-Mar-1915 Need
Benjamin Silver 54 Need Sandymount 20-Oct-1925 Need
Simon Silver 73 Need Sandymount 21-Oct-1934 Need
Ettie Silver 83 Need Sandymount 21-May-1934 Need
Leah Silver 65 Need Sandymount 07-Oct-1928 Need
Sarah Simons 45 Need Craigton 17-Sep-1885 Need
Morris Simons Need Need Sandymount 04-Apr-1926 Need
Sadie Simons 16 m Need Sandymount 09-Jul-1931 Need
Sydney Simons 48 Need Sandymount 30-Apr-1928 Need
Miriam Simons Need Need Sandymount 19-Jun-1928 Need
Albert Sinclair 57 Need Sandymount 25-Mar-1925 Need
David Morris Sinclair 3 Need Sandymount 16-Jun-1910 Need
Leah Sinclair 48 Need Sandymount 27-Apr-1924 Need
Harry Smith 5 Need Piershill 16-Oct-1913 Need
Bertha Smith 70 Need Piershill 03-Dec-1958 Need
Solomon Smith 73 Need Sandymount 17-Jan-1922 Need
Rebecca Smith 72 Need Sandymount 16-Jan-1922 Need
Markus / Marcus Solomon 48 Need Craigton 24-Jan-1894 Need
Benjamin Solomon 51 Need Sandymount 05-Mar-1925 Need
Norman Solomon 22 m Need Sandymount 07-Nov-1909 Need
Joseph Solomon 54 m Need Sandymount 10-Dec-1909 Need
Annie Solomon 8 Need Sandymount 23-Jan-1910 Need
Lazarus Solomon 28 m Need Sandymount 10-Nov-1912 Need
Gertrude Solomon 16 m Need Sandymount 14-Oct-1915 Need
Rachel Solomon 77 Need Sandymount 20-Feb-1931 Need
Joseph Sopher 18 Need Sandymount 15-Jul-1918 Need
Esther Stein 38 Need Piershill 22-Oct-1933 Need
Wolf Stein 37 Need Sandymount 19-Apr-1931 Need
Harry Stein 18 Need Sandymount 15-Jul-1921 Need
Ida Steinberg 63 Need Sandymount 16-Feb-1922 Need
Ida Steinberg 63 Need Sandymount 16-Feb-1922 Need
Morris Steinberg 75 Need Sandymount 08-Nov-1923 Need
Samuel Stone 11 Need Sandymount 10-May-1918 Need
Ralph (Raffel) Talisman 81 Need Piershill 04-Jun-1994 Need
Solomon Tankel 77 Need Sandymount 21-Oct-1931 Need
Sophia Taylor 62 Need Sandymount 12-Feb-1915 Need
Ettie Taylor 47 Need Sandymount 08-Sep-1932 Need
John Teitelbaum 42 Need Sandymount 03-Jan-1918 Need
Manuel Teitelbaum 56 Need Sandymount 26-Sep-1920 Need
Joseph Teitelbaum 1 Need Sandymount 28-Jun-1911 Need
David Walker 10 Need Piershill 26-Jan-1918 Need
Henry Weiss 60 Need Sandymount 08-Dec-1930 Need
Hetty Wexler 31 Need Sandymount 02-Oct-1914 Need
Dora Wilson 17 Need Sandymount 18-Feb-1926 Need
Joseph Wilson 14 m Need Sandymount 22-May-1917 Need
Solomon Wilson 11 Need Sandymount 10-Jul-1918 Need
Simon Winer 43 Need Sandymount 07-Apr-1910 Need
Rose Winestone Need Need Chevra 08-Dec-1903 Need
Woolf Winston 25 Need Sandymount 02-Dec-1915 Need
Esther Wober 15 m Need Sandymount 15-May-1917 Need
Alfred Isaac Wolfe 68 Need Piershill 04-Nov-1959 Need
Ellis Wolfe 47 Need Sandymount 10-Sep-1916 Need
Minnie Wolfson 26 Need Sandymount 25-Jan-1909 Need
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