Greenock Cemetery, Bow Road, Greenock PA16 7JF

The small Jewish Community in Greenock between about 1894 and 1936, had a Synagogue believed to be at 27 Cathcart Street. All burials took place at the Jewish Section of the Main Greenock Cemetery. It contains 13 burial plots, with 16 burials in total. Only 7 Stones are visible, (as at 28th January 2018) and is inactive now, but well maintained (grass covered).

In February 2023, a complete renovation was started, organised by Sammy Stein.  Unfortunately due to incompetence, the whole operation was botched and the existing stones have not been returned to their original positions, including the alignment being out slightly also.  Three unmarked lairs were also omitted from the far left hand side.  I was told these three were going to be reinstated, but not as yet. ( October 2023 )